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Allergy Drops

Experience the Freedom

A personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific allergies is possible. Experience the freedom that allergy drops can provide.

Freedom from Shots

Allergy drops are a shot-free alternative for effective immunotherapy for allergies. They are easily placed under the tongue (sublingual) and allow the patient to avoid the discomfort that comes with allergy shots.

Freedom from Office Visits

Unlike allergy shots, allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) can be done from the comfort of home, the office, or anywhere that is convenient. This greatly reduces the number of office visits required resulting in significantly more time to do the important things in life.

Freedom from Symptoms

Allergy drops are effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of allergy symptoms. Some patients experience a significant reduction in symptoms after just a few weeks of treatment. Prolonged treatment may result in the body’s ability to naturally fight the allergen, leaving the patient symptom free.

Freedom from Fear

Allergy drops have been safely used for decades and provide effective relief from the difficult symptoms of allergies. No more needles and fewer allergic reactions will result in an improved quality of life for the patient.

Freedom from Expense

Sublingual immunotherapy for allergies is a cost-effective solution. In addition, the significant reduction in office visits results in less transportation expense, fewer hours of missed work/school, and more time to invest in the things that matter.

What is an Allergy Attack?

An allergy attack happens when the immune system fights an otherwise harmless substance that enters or contacts the body. These substances can include mold, dust, pet dander as well as seasonal allergens like oak or pine pollen. Certain foods are also a significant source of allergens. Most Americans who suffer from allergies seek treatment from the allergy symptoms rather than treating the root cause of the allergy attack.

What is Immunotherapy?

There are two common types of immunotherapy; subcutaneous immunotherapy involves injecting the treatment under the skin and sublingual immunotherapy involves simply placing a few drops of liquid treatment under the tongue. Both types of immunotherapy have been used for decades to help the body more naturally respond to these substances, resulting in a reduction or elimination of allergy attacks.

Immunotherapy involves safely and gradually introducing allergens to the body to train and build up the body’s natural immune system. As the body’s immune system responds to treatment, the concentration increases until the body reaches a point where the allergen is no longer causing the allergy attack.

Full immunity from the allergen may take three to five years; however, the patient will often see significant results after just a few weeks of treatment as their allergy symptoms decrease. Unlike the over-the-counter allergy medications, immunotherapy treats the root-cause of the allergy and allows the body to naturally reduce and eliminate allergies.

How are Allergy Drops different from Allergy Shots?

Sublingual immunotherapy for allergies (allergy drops) are a safe and effective option for allergy sufferers. After comprehensive allergy testing is completed, allergy drops are customized to each individual patient to specifically target the allergens that their unique immune system attacks.

Unlike allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy), allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) have significantly less barriers for the patient to overcome.

  • do not require frequent office visits
  • do not involve needles
  • may result in less risk of allergic reactions

Don't wait! Get allergy relief with allergy drops!

If you are looking for relief from the root-cause of your allergy attacks, contact us today to discover how sublingual immunotherapy for allergies can give you the freedom that you deserve.

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