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Patient Testimonials

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Evelyn's Balloon Sinuplasty Experience

Sherwin's Balloon Sinuplasty ExperienceOpen

I'm a practicing allergist, so I see patients in my practice who suffer from chronic sinusitis. I myself have been allergic for most of my adult life, and started developing chronic sinus problems a few years ago. I didn't feel like going out at night - if there was any way to get out of a social engagement, I probably would. I have five young grandsons, and I wasn't always in the right frame of mind to spend time with them.

On the day after surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, I felt like a million bucks! Not only was the surgery quite effective, but I wasn't out of commission at all. I could have gone back to work within 24 hours. It was really quite a positive experience.

It’s been a year since surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, and I've felt much better. I have energy to work a full day and go out at night. It's made a tremendous difference in how I approach my life. As for my patients who are suffering from chronic sinusitis, aren't responding to medical therapy, and have the blockage like I had - I don't hesitate to recommend surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology.

- Sherwin G., Allergist

Sally's Balloon Sinuplasty ExperienceOpen

When I suffered from chronic sinusitis, I would have a hard time sleeping at night, my breathing would be difficult, and the post-nasal drip was so bad that it would cause issues with asthma. I wasn’t able to exercise the way I wanted to - I missed a few 5K runs due to sinusitis. Finally, my sinusitis could be embarrassing at times - I had a lot of nasal discharge, which could be quite disgusting and required me to blow my nose constantly while teaching.

I had five previous sinus surgeries before surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology. After these prior surgeries, my face was bruised, I had a lot of bleeding, and I was in a lot of pain. I probably missed several weeks of work over the years due to these surgeries. It was frustrating to have surgery after surgery and not feel like I had remedied the problem.

In contrast, right after surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, when I woke up I felt great. I didn’t feel any pressure, aching pain, or a headache. When I walked out of the building an hour or two after my surgery, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to breathe. I also looked perfectly normal.

It’s been a year and a half since the procedure, and I have felt awesome! I haven’t had lingering sinus infections like before, I don’t have the constant sinus pressure and headaches, and I can sleep at night.

- Sally M., 5th Grade Teacher/Caregiver to young son

Susan's Balloon Sinuplasty ExperienceOpen

Before I had the surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, people would say to me, "You always have a cold," because I was always congested. I had difficulty breathing, both during the day and night. It got to the point where I had to sleep sitting up. At work, I spend about 85% of my day on the phone, and I had trouble speaking at times because of my breathing. I had to curtail my phone usage.

Another result of my sinusitis was a complete loss of smell or taste - those two senses were completely gone.

In the past 7 months since surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, my breathing has been 100% better. I am actually able to close my mouth and breathe at the same time, which I was never able to do. I can speak on the phone with much more clarity, and don’t have to limit my phone usage like I used to. It’s also nice to sit down to a meal and enjoy the smell and taste of my food.

Surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology was the only option I could see for myself. I don’t like to take medications, so the prospect of taking medication for the rest of my life was unappealing. I tried acupuncture and herbal medicine, which helped, but it didn’t address my sinusitis on an ongoing basis.

My life has changed dramatically. The entire process of surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty was very short, pain-free, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

- Susan C., Realtor/Salesperson

Carrie's Balloon Sinuplasty ExperienceOpen

Before surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, a typical day would start with a headache, sinus congestion, and ear fullness. Sometimes my sinuses were so swollen that I’d go out in the cold air to have them shrink. I’d place ice packs on my head to reduce the swelling. Then, I’d take various medications - Nasonex®, Clarinex®, and Excedrin® - and do a sinus rinse. Sometimes, when it got really bad, I’d have to sleep sitting up. I was constantly thinking about my sinuses, day and night!

I experienced immediate results after surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, in the recovery room. I didn’t have the sinus headache and pressure I normally had, and I could breathe through both nostrils. It’s been five months since the procedure, and it’s hard for me to remember when I had the surgery, because I didn’t have any pain or recovery to go through.

My life has improved 100%. Now, I wake up in the morning and do normal things like everyone else does. I can golf on a windy day and travel to an out-of-town destination without worrying about pollen counts, or if I have all my medications and sinus care items.

Because I had so much more energy after the surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, my husband thought I was going through a mid-life crisis! I told him it was because I can breathe!

- Carrie M., Courtroom Clerk

Marshall's Balloon Sinuplasty ExperienceOpen

After my NFL football career, when I wasn’t working out every day of my life, my sinus problems started to magnify. When I was at work broadcasting, I started having severe post nasal drip and started taking allergy medicine and using nasal pumps.

I was trying just about anything, all kinds of homeopathic remedies and teas. I literally tried it all. I tried a hyperbaric chamber to see if I could get more oxygen by sleeping in one of those things. None of it worked.

It’s crazy that it was such a simple procedure to get done, to fix something that I struggled with for a long time.

After surgery, there was not a lot of recovery time, and when I think about how I feel now and how I’m capable of breathing, it was an easy decision.

I tell others that Balloon Sinuplasty is a must!

- Marshall Faulk, NFL MVP, Superbowl Champion

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